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Fcntl.h linux

Fcntl.h linux

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The fcntl.h> header defines the following requests and arguments for use by the functions Values for cmd used by fcntl() (the following values are unique). #include linux/types.h>. /*. * FMODE_EXEC is 0x * FMODE_NONOTIFY is 0x * These cannot be used by userspace O_* until internal and external . The fcntl.h is a header file defined by the POSIX standard. It accompanies the fcntl() system call and provides symbolic constants (read "macro.

#include #include fcntl.h> int fcntl(int fd, int cmd,. Certain of the operations below are supported only since a particular Linux kernel version. The fcntl.h> header shall define the following symbolic constants for the cmd argument used by fcntl(). The values shall be unique and shall be suitable for use . #include #include #include fcntl.h> int O_CLOEXEC (since Linux ) Enable the close-on-exec flag for the new file descriptor.

One includes another which includes the next until the one with the definition is included. @(#)fcntl.h (Berkeley) 7/1/91 */ #ifndef _FCNTL_H_ #define _FCNTL_H_ /* * This file includes the definitions for open and fcntl * described by POSIX for. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL */ #ifndef _LINUX_FCNTL_H #define _LINUX_FCNTL_H #include linux/fcntl.h> /* list of all valid flags for the. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL WITH Linux-syscall-note */ #ifndef _ASM_GENERIC_FCNTL_H #define _ASM_GENERIC_FCNTL_H #include linux/types.h>. #include linux/types.h>. /* open/fcntl - O_SYNC is only implemented on blocks devices and on files. located on an ext2 file system */. #define O_ACCMODE.


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